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"I Help Private Clients Transform Their Existing Marketing Budget Into 6-9 Figure Monthly Lead Generation Machines"

-Brandon Mushlin, Creative Strategist


a creative strategist Designs, & implements your vision.

My unique ability is to clearly see your vision and strategize all aspects necessary to help you create it. I thrive in creating a flood of opportunities, which in turn forces massive growth and revenue. We design and execute master marketing plans our clients can track live, while watching their revenue grow exponentially.

Any area needed to create this outcome, we have you covered

From full design teams, to marketing, SEO, Analytics, CRM systems, Media, Ad Creation, Copywriting, and Ad Spend tracking... nothing is hidden. All work is completely transparent, managed for you, ensuring you're delivered endless opportunities you have the time to focus on!

 The end result is helping you and your company achieve an additional 5 to high 6 figure revenue streams per month!

"Time and money are interlinked, so, broken strategies cost You both."

~Brandon Mushlin

Market Domination, Brandon Mushlin Creative at

a few samples of our work

Brandon Mushlin Creative | Top Creative Strategist Portfolio | Sample Of Design Work

Clients, Articles, And Blogs Seen In

Brandon Mushlin | Creative Strategist & Freelance Writer has articles, blogs & ghostwriting seen in ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN iReport, San Diego Union Tribune and many other media outlets.

the Right Creative Strategist Designs a Flow-State Of Endless Opportunities.

One thing is for certain, your competitors are spending big money to stay number one, and they're focused on constantly getting new business. If you aren't prepared to start now, then this is a huge problem as a business owner.

While it's been said, "Having no plan, is planning to fail", it also needs to be said, "Having no marketing budget, is the fast track to business failure".

If your business goals are to create an extra 5-6 figures monthly, and you've never set up a marketing budget, or are not happy with the current results of your strategy, then it's time to break the pattern.

No two clients' requests are the same and therefore not every strategy will be the same, but, we create results that rival some of the best gains in the stock market with greater consistency!

What Would Your Income Jump To If You Implemented A Marketing Strategy that consistently Generated 200%, 500%, or even 3000%+ returns on every dollar you spend? 


creating Focus & A Long-Term Action Plan.

We integrate a full stack marketing heuristic, leaving no area un-discussed, thought out, or planned for. We will split test a multitude of verticals, in order to learn how best to perform in a variety of economic changes.

By tapping into a wealth of client data and competitor analytics, we work to create some of the industries lowest costs per conversions, with some of the highest rated conversion ratios compared to Google's industry average results. 

2 crucial areas determine if your business has a strategy designed to achieve 200% - 3000%+ ROI.

Brand Strategy by Brandon Mushlin Creative

brand Strategy

Is your brand screaming out for a re-design and a completely new strategy? Are you positioned as an industry authority to build, market and drive immediate action?  Our strategy and design are geared to attract and serve your ideal client avatar. We design brands that create disruptions in the norm, driving conversions, interest, and consistent success.

Lead Marketing and Lead Generation by Brandon Mushlin Creative

lead marketing

Is your lead generation, marketing strategy, website, content, social media and relationships designed to bring clients you wish to attract? Are you currently generating non-stop revenue? Lead Marketing is a crucial component to any business. Properly executing on the right strategy will bring consistent lead flow and massive ROI.

Brand Strategy And Lead Marketing Domination With Brandon Mushlin Creative. 

Marketing Solutions which Fuel Growth & eliminate distractions!

Brandon Mushlin Creative, Full Lead Marketing Agency at

business owners become Top Performers When They off Eliminate Costly Distractions.

Which makes you more money? A, or B...

A. You're waiting for leads, you study how to find leads, you post on social media, you wonder when leads will comes in, you buy a lead that's been sold a few times, you try to email, call and reach lead, you build an awesome site for the leads to visit, and maybe after hours (if super lucky), weeks, or longer (it's always longer), you have a lead to speak to in order to sell them your product, or service. OR...

B. Client comes to you, interested in what you have to sell, they went to your site, they absolutely are wanting to speak to you? 

Hopefully, you chose B.

We every aspect of what you don't see up until the point the client becomes your direct lead.

After that, we are out of the picture. We don't sell your leads to others, nor do we assume to know your industry better than you. We just bring you, HOT, FRESH, EXCLUSIVE leads, and potential clients to your door every day!

Business owners get to focus on being top performers by plugging every system needed into one dashboard. Our system provides distraction free updates, and full transparency of all creative work. From organic SEO to each advertising platform chosen, we track every dollar spent, and action made, every moment of the day!

Brandon Mushlin Creative Provides A Complete DashBoard System Tracking Every Dollar Spent And Every Action Taken, Keeping You Focused And Confident You Can Witness Growth and Accountability For your Investment.

lead generation & Media Search Marketing that fits any budget.

SEO, Organic Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing... All areas should be explored to find the best exposure for your brand. We work with all major platforms, and we have a track record of out performing Google & FaceBook suggested conversion ratios. Starting at just $2.74 per hour* including your advertising budget, you'd have to spend 10-20 x more to even come close.

We support all major advertising platforms. Google AdWords, Bing AdWords, FaceBook Advertising, FaceBook Lead Capture, FaceBook Video Leads, Instagram Advertising, YouTube In-Video Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising & Pandora Advertising Platforms. All plugged into one system for easy and smooth tracking.

Marketing Strategies That Keeps you laser focused.

avoid the shiny toys, B.S. Noise, & distracting do-it-yourself time suck!

I'll bet, every time you research "how to do something" online, you're then bombarded on FaceBook with all of these marketing courses selling you DIY courses and Webinars over FB Ads.

Programs like, how to do the google marketing, social media, and promise big returns. You watch these webinars, invest an hour or two, then get sold a $7.00, or $7,000.00 program promising to take away the pain and making you an expert. Except, didn't you want to be an expert in what it is that you do, not someone else's course?

Were you not originally just trying to get leads and learn something to help? How do you find yourself sucked into buying those programs, or worse, doing nothing at all, creating, "Analysis Paralysis"? Little did the great "Influencers" and "Experts" of these courses tell you how many moving parts there really is to learn the right way to convert a click into a conversion for each specific field or industry.

Working with companies like these Require highly creative, solution oriented, results driven Skills.

Brandon Mushlin - Top Creative Strategist & Freelance Writer has consulted for over 280 creative projects, and served more than 2200 entrepreneurs world wide. 

designing outcomes that crush goals!

We save you time and money by the tens of thousands from the start, over time, by the hundreds of thousands, and stay with us like others have for 10 years or more, and we'll save you millions, by creating wicked amazing results! 

I've consulted for over 280 creative projects, served more than 2200 entrepreneurs, over 70 corporate brands, & assisted in closing more than 2.5B in financial transactions worldwide over the last 22 years. In all of these years, I've kept the most powerful relationships, created the best pricing models, and cut through the B.S. that most courses, and companies try to sell.

The only way to create results like this is by being laser focused, spending millions with active clients in media, and marketing, hundreds of thousands in split testing conversion heuristics, and learning the hard way. The only way to start a new path is to break the pattern from the old and start with a conversation.

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