Why You Should Ditch The Traditional Web Designer for a Creative Strategist

Sure you can hire a web designer to design a fancy site or re-design your existing one, however, you'd most likely still require multiple experts after you launch. Your site won't immediately start making money like most people expect. 

If you don't already have traffic, an engaged list, or exposure and only went after a new design, what next? 

Most often people get their new site designed, but end up hearing nothing but crickets.

Why is this the case you ask?


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The Traditional Web Designer vs. A Creative Strategist

The traditional web designer does just this; designs, codes and creates websites. Most web designers are not brand experts, copywriters, graphic designers, content creators, SEO experts, social media specialist, ad buying experts or lead generation pros. 

Yet, many of them would like to think they are experts in all these areas, yet they're lying if they say they can. As much as I know about all of these industries, I would never convince my client one person can do it all. 

Each of the experts required to make a site buzz with traffic, leads and attention is a full-time job, a college degree expert or a self-taught professional who invested massive time, money and energy into their craft. 

Each area is a task in itself, and paying for and managing those professionals if you don't know what you are doing can sink a ship faster than a hurricane. 

While I've personally invested over 100k in one website before I started learning these areas, I realized (after much money and time) it doesn't always take the shiny toys making the most noise. 

Daily you are swamped with advertisements and webinars of the latest tech, services and cloud tools to create success. Yet, they can end up being one of the biggest distractions for entrepreneurs who are just looking to increase their business or income. 

I've witnessed people generate millions from a simple one-page landing page they spent less than $100.00 on, including their domain. And I've experienced first hand those that have created absolutely zero income after spending 6 figures with the wrong direction.

What's the secret to creating the ultimate vision?

Finding the appropriate route all comes down to your vision, knowing where you want to go, what you want to achieve, and who you are looking to target. 

It also comes from the ability to say NO to distractions, and YES to taking the proper action.

What is the alternate solution that keeps you from going down the rabbit hole of seeking just the best low ball price? 

What keeps you from being sold the "Do-It-Yourself" webinars, funnel systems, and coaching guru's all fighting for your dollars? 

Well, you may want to seek out a Creative Strategist, long before any regular web designer.

A creative strategist will guide you to create success, instead of selling you on all the individual services and separate components. Looking out for your bottom line but also, the overall benefit to your long-term vision. 

A creative strategist will use both the left (analytical) and right (creative) sides of their brain to reverse engineer your ultimate vision into the most precise, clear plan of action to achieve your goals.

They will work within your budget, no matter what that budget is. A top creative strategist will stair-step your results to create more income, leads, clients, opportunities and fuel the cycle needed for long-term success. 

The right creative strategist will have no fear of the task at hand, and will do what it takes to create consistent wins for you.

Finding and hiring the right creative strategist will ensure you focus on what you do best, closing business, growing your company and freeing up time to create balance in your personal life. 

They will keep you focused and in the perfect flow state.

When has a web-designer ever asked these questions?

1. What is the full vision of your company? 
2. What is your "perfect world scenario"? 
3. What is your highest and best use?

Probably rarely ever, if at all. 

You might think you needed a new website, but that is just one piece of the grand puzzle. 

If you're Solo-Preneur looking to grow your brand, obtain more clients, be seen as an authority, skip the micromanaging and not break the bank, then it's the right time to bring on a Top Creative Strategist! 

They help lighten the load, serve the best interest of your company, and provide results that beat expectations.

If you would rather focus on possibilities instead of excuses, results instead of delayed action, create income instead of bleeding dollars, and offload the stress of micromanaging a host of experts, then you definitely are not looking for a web designer. You're looking for a creative strategist!


Brandon Mushlin

Brandon Mushlin is Creative Strategist, Writer & Traveler with BrandonMushlin.com. Helping Entrepreneurs create their vision, online presence, and brand strategy, to fuel massive growth.