What's Your Disruption Point

I've changed the focus of the company, and when it's your company, you are certainly allowed to do so. I'm taking a different approach and on a new adventure. 

I want to welcome you to a snippet of my story below as well as an invitation to check out the re-launch of our new site, BrandonMushlin.com, because we're traveling across the world to develop the best heart-centered connections available to build your vision.

Welcome to a brief story.

It was the most disruptive time of life...

I was being hit from all angles, personal, business life and deep personal aspirations were not being achieved.

Everything was headed on a collision course, and from it came a vision for something different, The Disruptive Project. (which is now in re-development)

It's the moment in time I realized the pain of staying the same was greater then the pain of changing, and I decided it was time to do something about it.

No longer would I look at business, relationships, connections, goals or opportunities in the same way.

Then I realized, EVERYONE, sometime in their life will have a "disruption point", a moment in time that life is throwing so much in their direction they either sink or swim.

From these most challenging times have come some of the greatest stories, lessons, companies, ideas and opportunities the world has ever known.

Look around you, nearly anything that was created was done so with intense focus, determination, blood, sweat and tears.

In many cases (including mine) there have been loss of relationships (more than one) and countless failures (too many to count) before overcoming insurmountable odds in order for greatness to come to fruition.

Some of the greatest lessons in life, the greatest opportunities available and the greatest connections that can be made are from sharing a story.

In as many ways possible, to as many people as possible. Whether your story inspires one person, saves one life or creates global change, there is importance within that story.

And so I have set out on a journey across the world, I've packed everything I own into one backpack, and I am ready for wherever it takes me and this project. (I'm back now, so stay tuned for photos.)

I've re-designed this site, I'm opening up my audience, changed my mission, and I have expanded my Think-Tank for one very important purpose.

To share your story, create, and help build your vision while sharing my journey.

My underlying mission is to create connections, relationships, ideas and opportunities that did not exist for you prior to connecting with me. 

With the right idea or connection, magic can happen and lives change! And change only happens when you've hit your disruption point.

Original Article First Published in May 2015 on This Disruptive Project, then on July 2015 From Brandon Mushlin on Linkedin

Brandon Mushlin

Brandon Mushlin is Creative Strategist, Writer & Traveler with BrandonMushlin.com. Helping Entrepreneurs create their vision, online presence, and brand strategy, to fuel massive growth.