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Many networks such as FOX News, NBC, ABC, CBS, the Miami Herald and so many more have picked up the Interview completed in Business Innovators which featured Paul R. McMenamin, a New York Based Business & Litigation Attorney. Coining him as a Disruptive Attorney whose aim is to redefine the legal process. 

One such article is from Fox News 12 in Oregon:


Originally Posted: May 24, 2016 10:58 AM MST

Paul R. McMenamin of McMenamin Law Group offers a new “radicalized“ approach to litigation and corporate matters.

Flag-shipping the McMenamin Law Group, Paul R. McMenamin offers a new “radicalized“ approach to litigation and corporate matters.

One based on principles such as compassion and understanding as opposed to a monetarily focused firm, viewing clients as quotas.

MLG seems to be disrupting the normal practice of law and morphing it into part results-oriented coaching, part goal-oriented legal outcome, an approach as successful as it is unique.

This old model of, high up-front retainer requirements, itemized billing from calls, emails and copying documents, is how the 99.9% of Attorneys still operate according to McMenamin. 

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