current & past creative strategist PROJECTS.

We integrate a full stack marketing heuristic, leaving no area un-discussed, thought out, and planned for. We will split test a multitude of verticals, in order to learn how best to perform in a variety of economic changes. By tapping into a wealth of client data and competitor analytics, we work to create some of the industries lowest costs per conversions, with some of the highest rated conversion rations when compared to Google's suggested ratios., concept, brand design, strategy, web design, content writing, by Brandon Mushlin Creative @


The Coffee Cup Investor was created, conceptualized and designed by Brandon Mushlin with Brandon Mushlin Creative for a Public Traded Company working in the disruptive tech field. was a full brand re-design, completed twice for Drew Schwartz, International Speaker and Conflict Resolution Specialist, by Brandon Mushlin Creative, based out of Columbia Missouri is a small group personal training and energizing fitness classes boutique gym, serving in those seeking something outside the normal. Full Brand Creative and Implementation with Brandon Mushlin Creative.

Hear Today Hear Tomorrow was designed by Brandon Mushlin Creative, for Michael Mushlin, one of 300 Global High Performance Coaches.

J&J Carpet Cleaning is a top rated Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning company that after 22 years was looking for a Site Rebrand as well as SEO positioning help, social presence, and ad spend marketing.


Lifestyle Financial Planning, Multiple design projects for CEO, Troy West, along with Content and Ghost Writing completed by Brandon Mushlin Creative. helps clients with a manufactured home in 50 states purchase, refinance, or pull cash out using a multitude of Government programs. In coordination with Brandon Mushlin Creative. redesign by as well as content writing and creative direction. & The Legal Sanctuary are multiple redesign projects completed by as well as ghostwriting, copywriting, copyediting, and graphic design work. is a top rated and top referred credit repair firm designed for loan professionals and real estate agents looking to keep their clients whom have less than perfect credit. Full site redesign and continuing strategy work with Brandon Mushlin Creative.

Nextopoly has been multiple concept projects over 10 years for media, pr, graphic design, and concept creation all completed by Brandon Mushlin Creative.

POCKETTUBE LIVE has completed multiple redesigns with, from copywriting to content writing, to graphic design, social media, and more.



Train your inner warrior

Train Your Inner Warrior Brand, Concept, Design, Creation, & Strategy, By Brandon Mushlin Creative @ is a 50 state lender for USDA Rural Development Home Loans, as a creative project addition to the Nationwide Home Loans Group Brand, in coordination with Brandon Mushlin Creative.

Brandon Mushlin Creative works as Creative Strategist for the Nationwide Group Home Loans Brand, is their first creation under this brand.


TheWorldvsGoogle-Brandon-Mushlin-Creative-Portfolio-Graphics.jpg is poised to be a disruptor for the sharing economy. From concept, to launch, Brandon Mushlin Creative has worked with the founder and creator to complete a full digital roll out strategy starting in San Diego, CA.